BRAVO David, on your new book, The Breathing Book for HORN! This is a fantastic new book that horn players should read and use each and every day! I am so excited to share this book with my colleagues and students. Thank you so much for all of this GREAT and useful information. You have used terms and illustrations that anyone can understand and use in their daily practice. I applaud you!! Best, Gail

Gail Williams
Horn Professor, Northwestern University

Your book arrived a few days ago and I’ve been able to avail myself of the benefits it offers.

Today, I played through the deceptively easy looking exercises in your breathing book and had quite a few chuckles about the room for improvement that they generously provide me with. I was surprised at my awkwardness adopting your suggested breathing patterns prior to playing. And surprised over the comfortable body FEELING both during and more so after playing them. So I’m looking forward to putting time in on them and reaping the obvious to be had rewards!

I’m especially thrilled to have all the drawings and explanations so concisely presented for when I teach. This information has yet to become widespread, applied general knowledge.

BRAVO, you’ve done a great job!

. . . Actually, I took some short cuts the first time through [the exercises] and went the whole hog yesterday. The breathing patterns were already a lot easier and the FEELING afterwards knocking out the Till solo was just plain beautiful. In between sessions, I did a Constructive Rest session. It was a special treat to be guided through with your voice. Since you have such a concise explanation of Constructive Rest in your breathing book, I think it would make a lot of sense to offer them as a packet. [referring to: Constructive Rest: The Audio Guide Series]

Andrew Joy
Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra
The JoyKey


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